The Conversation we hope to have.

For a healthy democracy there must be a conversation between those that govern & those that are governed. When there is a disconnect, democracy fails.

Below is a link to a document which contains the contact details of candidates for the September 2017 General Election in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Candidates – Contact details for 2017 General Election Aotearoa New Zealand


The document gives links to contact candidates via traditional & modern forms of communication and has links to information on each candidate.

Please feel free to download the information, print or share.

Use of the list by any group or organisation is welcome.

The list has been compiled by Weaving House to assist our candidates and political parties in being easily accessible to the general public – as for democracy to work, it must be accessible.

The document was put together to further enable the conversation between voters and those we share power with – as by voting we give power to the candidate we select.


Below are the contact details for Political Parties taking part in this years General Election. Please find information for Independent candidates in the Candidates document.

For Political Party Contact Details.

For Party secretary names and contact details.    

“Members of Parliament are your representatives in Parliament.” – There are many ways to contact them and post is still free. The following is a link is to New Zealand Parliament which will offer you further suggestions for contacting Members and Ministers.

New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Weaving House works to help create a diverse representative systems and to have more Women obtain seats within our government.

Below is a list of Women Candidates running in this years General Election. Find their contact details in the Candidate’s Contact list at the very top of this page.

Women Candidates 2017 General Election.

The following is a link to Associate Professor Jennifer Curtin speaking at our 2016 Convention on ‘Making New Zealand Parliament a Parliament for Women.’ 



The details in each document were obtained from public sources, either from Party websites or candidates biographies. These lists were created to co-exist with the information the political parties provide individually.

The candidates list is mostly complete,  we await the political parties to further update their information.As you are aware, this years General Election is so far defined by a great deal of reshuffling within the parties – The Weaving House will check regularly and update as required.

Feel free to comment or if you are a candidate please email with further or updated information.  If something or someone has been missed, please contact via –

All information given is to the best of knowledge & collated as a community service.

Women Everywhere Always Vote at Elections

Can we find our nation on one page?  With the many colour and pattern of our weave hopefully we can have a conversation to take us there.


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