The Weaving House is A Home-Woven initiative dedicated & metaphorically Weaving for Gender Equality, Human Rights & Social Justice issues.

The Weaving House – is based in Aotearoa New ZEaland

The Weaving House believes Gender Equality is a precondition for peace, for the eradication of poverty, for sustainable & equitable development and for the protection of our environment. That Sustainable Development Goal 5 #SDG5 ~ Gender Equality, is integral for the success of all 17 #SDGs 

Gender Equality is keystone.

The Weaving House is dedicated to a metaphorical Weaving for Women & Girls Rights, Gender Equality & Human Rights. Primarily through the amplification of Women’s, Girl’s & Gender diverse voices & those organisations who work specifically in those spaces advocating for our rights, protection, inclusion & support. Driven by a Human Rights approach ~ Giving our people, their knowledge & ideas a platform.

Weaving House believes a love ethic is essential for a participation in politics ~ especially in opposition to fear.

Weaving House believes there is no feminism without the knowledge & expanding realisations of intersections. That with every measure we need to liberate all people economically, socially, politically, psychologically, physically, religiously, wholeheartedly…..

That with truth will come power & that if power can hold our most vulnerable at centre, we’ll have it covered.

Weaving House also believes that with Te Tiriti o Waitangi  & that with core Māori values at heart, that we can achieve everything we set out to do. 

On this site you’ll find limited information about the various Weaving House activities ~ The Weaving House primarily works behind the seams of social justice causes in a role of support. 

& YES, the Weaving House is a Feminist organisation. Everything is a feminist issue & that with every problem there is a feminist solution ~ as equality is what is at heart.

Weaving House also whole heartedly believes that by the telling & retelling of our stories, we weave & have #WomenRising, we have #AllPeopleRising.

~ wave upon wave ~ #TogetherWeaving ~ How far the ripple…. with love.


Hashtag Woman 2018 ~ IN celebration of International Women’s Day 2018

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