The Weaving House is A Home-Woven initiative dedicated & metaphorically Weaving for Gender Equality & Human Rights. The Weaving House. Wānaka Aotearoa – New Zealand


On this site you’ll find limited information about the various Weaving House activity ~

BUT you will find useful links to information about Gender Equality in New Zealand ~ organisations ~ & links to assist you in finding your way into feminist movement ~ and what on earth it’s all about! ~ our planet over. Please enjoy dropping through the doors, down the holes, along the threads ~ look into hashtags to find her stories.

~ education, listening & participating is key. Our emancipation keystone.

The platform here will change ~ as all things do ~ grow and weave the many colour & pattern ~ via a number of hands ~ interweaving interwoven.

& YES, the Weaving House is a #feminist organisation ~ wave upon wave ~ #TogetherWeaving ~ How far the ripple…. with love.



Hashtag Woman 2018 ~ IN celebration of International Women’s Day 2018

IMG_0852Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 8.40.33 pm

Press here to follow the thread to read the hashtags that pertain to this art piece.