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~ Yes, we do have brains!   

From The Wānaka Sun ~ “Dangerous Ideas From Women With Brains” 21st February 2019.

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as reported by The News Central Otago prior to opening in April. 

Lectures feature prominent NZ women

April 5th 2019 ~ ‘‘..gender equality is integral & a precondition for peace, for the eradication of poverty, for equitable & sustainable development, & for the protection of our environment.’’


Wānaka radio ~ interview pre Her Voice Lecture Series with Amy Pearl 



Partial Screen shots of Reporting by The Wānaka App ~ 10th April 2019 

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~ Thursday 11th April 2019 Wānaka Sun.  Marilyn Waring at Her Voice.

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Re-defining Feminism – Wanaka’s Her Voice a big hit ~ Crux Media Queenstown

“Wanaka reporter Georgia Merton discovers that bra burning has been replaced by a more moderate approach that has seen feminism making permanent, overdue and positive changes to society.”

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‘Hard Topics Raised at Conference’ from Sue Wards & The Wānaka App.

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