petitions to sign

You have the power of ACTION with the press of some buttons ~

& you’ll be supporting people doing the further work to make the change simply by supporting their initiative. So please sign a petition when you have time, they are a part of the processes of our government & society. 

It is the people that breathe the winds of change into a democracy. nothing stops at the vote. For a civic society, we get involved ~ find some good shoes & join in the march.

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Petition of Alison Eddy for New Zealand College of Midwives: Support community midwives to provide services that meet the needs of NZ whānau

Closes March 1st


This is currently the Number One Petition to REMOVE Abortion from the CRIMES Act ~ If you sign only One petition to achieve this objective please sign & share this one ~ Another step & ACTION to gain what is rightfully ours ~ Please sign this petition to remove Abortion from the NZ Crimes Act

~ Help weave the chain of tomorrow on which so much hangs: CLOSING DATE July 5.

Petition of Aimee Wilson: Remove abortion from the Crimes Act 1961


& this is another ~ to Ministries specific.

To: The Ministers for Justice, Health and Women’s Affairs

Take abortion out of the Crimes Act!



To: Rt. Hon Jacinda Ardern

PM Jacinda Ardern: Prevent violence against women and invest in support for victims and survivors


We demand an end to pay secrecy and for pay transparency to close the gender pay gap through the establishment of an independent pay transparency agency.

End pay secrecy: Demand an independent pay transparency agency to close the gender pay gap

Fully funding the IUS ~ Intra Uterine Device ~ access to contraceptive protections.  Unobstructed by cost barriers and another choice of contraceptive that may serve the individual best. 

Petition of Orna McGinn: Fully fund Mirena IUS for all women who request it




To: The Ministry of Social Development

Save Shakti Wellington Refuge



To: David Clark, New Zealand Health Minister

Help end period poverty – subsidise menstrual cups



To: The House of Representatives

Fully fund sexual violence support and prevention services in Budget 2019


Petition request

That the House of Representatives pass legislation regarding the equal pay of all genders.

Petition reason

Women and men should have the exact same pay, but there is a 9.2% pay gap in 2018 in New Zealand. I believe it is an injustice for one gender to have less pay than the other.

Petition of Nora Paicu: Women should have equal pay to men