Activities & Pay Gap Discount for Her Voice.

Here you’ll find information on our market, yoga, entertainment & where you can purchase your meals with a Pay-Gap discount.

GIVING SEEDS OF LOVE COMING TO WĀNAKA – 13 th and 14 th April 2019
Rebecca Parnham co-founder of Social Enterprise Krama and Co is in Wānaka this weekend speaking at The Weaving House conference at the Lake Wānaka Centre she is bringing with her an opportunity for the Wānaka Community to support an exciting initiative started in Christchurch to help support children of the families affected by
the Christchurch shootings.

Seeds of Love are supporting a charity called NZ Gifts of Love and Strength who are giving practical support to 100 of the families directly affected by the shootings they have requested Giving Seeds of Love provide every child they are supporting a terracotta pot with a seeds of love heart planted in it.  Over 200 pots are required.

To help make the seeded paper for the children you can come to the Wānaka Hotel Meeting Room from 3:30pm on Friday, 12th  April through until 12pm Sunday 14th  April. To help you can pay $10 to make seeded paper and write in the
card provided that we will later be put with a terracotta pot that has potting mix to give to a child affected by the shootings.

Rebecca from the Seeds of Love team will be there to meet and talk with between 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Friday the 12th and from 12 – 1 pm and 3 pm to 4 pm on Saturday the 13th.

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Giving seeds of love ( is an initiative that came out of the Christchurch terror attacks on the 15th  of March. Beginning with two mothers, Rebecca Parnham and Chanel Campbell, who were already supporting Waitakiri Primary Schools Enviroferns Butterfly team to make seeded paper. The idea was that it would be a great way to support our children to process the events of that day. From there they used their many contacts to grow the initiative.

Rebecca Parnham has a social work background and was able to utilise the knowledge and contacts she has to support the initiative. Chanel Campbell has a horticultural and sales background and used her skills and knowledge. They pulled in key people such as Danielle Poyzer who has built a website and Bel van Noorden to utilise her knowledge from her studies especially in psychology and sociology. From there and with
many other generous supporters the initiative has grown and flourished. 

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The process of making seeded paper alone is very therapeutic and allows a gentle way to approach and discuss the attacks which can be especially helpful for parents but great in school and workplace settings as well.

The idea of using wildflowers in rich in symbolism as they are diverse and beautiful and also extremely resilient. This is used to represent and support the sense of unity this situation has evoked. The idea of gifting or sewing them is an outward and visible way to show you promote and stand for unity.

A short clip has been made to show how to do this and the instructions are able to be downloaded and are being translated into many different languages. There has been a
huge number of requests for the group to provide workshops and opportunities to do this in a public setting and for groups which they are trying to meet.

A charity called NZ Gifts of Love and Strength who are giving practical support to 100 of the families directly affected have request that every child they are supporting is given a terracotta pot with a seeds of love heart planted in it which is being worked on at the moment and what anyone who comes to a workshop can choose to participate in.

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Her Voice Market

Saturday Morning a small market stall at the front of The lake Wanaka Centre from 9am ~ & the weather is looking just fine! 

Here’s some of what you’ll find ~ there will be a little something more to find on the day.

Bridget Hall Design is an art print and greeting card business based in Wanaka. This art is inspired by the ever-changing drama and beauty of the natural world, it provokes a sense of connection and history in a modern way with much of the work focused on geometric and contemporary abstract mountain art. The goal of Bridget Hall Design is to provide customers with art that is modern, beautiful and affordable. All products are made with heart in Wanaka, New Zealand, and are printed on eco friendly paper.










Krama & Co~ Our hand-loomed krama (scarves) come from Cambodia. Profits help fund education for girls and opportunities for women through our chosen charities.
Our beautiful, hand-loomed krama (scarves) are from small villages in Cambodia. Our profits help fund education for girls and opportunities for women through our partner charities.

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Her Voice Yoga

During Her Voice 12th-13th April ~ There is Yoga available to you 

Yoga is available to our community in the Armstrong Room of The lake Wānaka Centre and it is free for you to attend. At 7.30am on Friday & Saturday morning. You don’t need a mat nor need to be a pro. Here, you’ll be nurtured. Your instructors for stretching leisure & goodness are below.  Both of these Women teach at ‘Ground Yoga Wānaka’


Friday Morning ~ Danielle

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Saturday Morning ~ Michelle

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Saturday Evening Show

~ The Fan Brigade & company ~

7.30pm to 9.30pm-ish

This Saturday show is all about having fun, being entertained, being in good company & raising funds for local Domestic & Sexual Violence services.

Ms Carmen Veranda is your hostess with the mostest this evening!

From 7.30 be entertained in the first hour & by our skilful, playful local women as they sing, dance, play & give words for inspiration. We’ve song bird Anna van Riel to sooth the soul, spoken word from local poet/ writer Lis Breslin & words to light the embers of female sexuality from Nina Powell. All with a dazzling singing drama weaving the mix ~ culminating with a psychedelic circus performance.   

We’ve an interval at 8.20 with our local Black Peak Ice Cream for intermission.

& then musical artistry woven observant comedy ~ From The Fan Brigade and their show

~ Feminazi Bitches ~ 

Feminazi Bitches 2

Her Voice Gender Pay Gap Discount for you meals ~ Oh YUM

Gender Pay Gap Discount ~ YUM 

There are three special little places offering you a Gender pay Gap discount ~ Soul Food Organic Shop ~ The Big Fig & The Good Corner.

“On 15 August 2018, StatsNZ announced that the gender pay gap was 9.2 percent. The gender pay gap has reduced since 1998 (16.3 percent), but has stalled in the last decade.” ~ Ministry For Women

The Big Fig & the Good Corner are generously offering you a 10% with the purchase of your ticket to Her Voice.

You can get your 10% at The Good Spot on either Friday 12th or Saturday 13th only ~ you need to collect your token from The Lake Wānaka Centre by presenting your ticket or upon the purchase of your ticket.

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For your Big Fig 10% Gender Pay Gap discount you need to collect your voucher at The Lake Wanaka Centre at the door by presenting your ticket or upon the purchase of your ticket ~ & the voucher runs out upon the expiry date.

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The Beanie Cafe is also offering you a %10 Gender Pay gap discount ~ again collect your voucher at the door with your ticket. 

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The Beanie Cafe


The Intersectional Gender Pay Gap Discount

Soul Food are taking it one step further & are offering you a 15.1% discount, this is an average of sorts ~ this is to help us highlight the issue around varying pay gaps among Women.

Recently it came to light that Pacific women working in the public service earned, on average, 21 per cent less than the mean wage for all employees.

The pay gap is not just about Gender ~ it’s also about discrimination. Māori and Asian Women earn less that their Pākehā counterparts.

For Soul Food ‘intersectional’ Gender Pay Gap discount ~ you need to collect your token from The Lake Wānaka Centre by presenting your ticket or upon the purchase of your ticket.Soulfood-Logo_LowRes-RGB



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