Kia ora. 

The Weaving House believes Gender Equality is a precondition for peace, for the eradication of poverty, for sustainable & equitable development and for the protection of our environment. That Sustainable Development Goal 5 #SDG5 ~ Gender Equality, is integral for the success of all 17 #SDGs

~ That Gender Equality is keystone ~

The Weaving House website is on hiatus until the lead up to our 2019 convention

‘Her Voice’

~  which is being held in Wānaka on the 12-13th April 2019 ~

Her Voice ~ a series of public lectures with New Zealand Women leaders and thinkers discussing the varied issues we have at major crossroads.

The focus is on Gender Equality and Human Rights issues, interwoven with topics and areas of life these women specialise.

The speakers come from a range of expertise with backgrounds and knowledge in politics, our environment, law, urban design, human rights, reproductive rights, economics, media, sporting, family and sexual violence, business and social development.

Each of our Weaving House 2019 speakers encompass women who nurture, hold and fortify more than one role in our communities. They are brave ~ they are a learned force.

Speakers are bringing their experiences, knowledge and critical thinking for todays challenges to help move us forward with haste ~ They will be describing essential ideas to outline where we need to be and how to get there ~ why we need to rapidly transform our way of viewing the world and how to support those efforts.

Speakers will be presenting those ‘dangerous ideas’ to provide simple and clear steps towards a collective future as a peaceful, equitable, sustainable nation and global community.

Our programme for ‘Her Voice’ 2019 will be available here from February the 25th & tickets will be available through EventFinder 

       By the telling and retelling of Woman’s story, we weave and have Women Rising ~ We have all people rising ~


Find NZ women’s resources here on this website ~ or podcasts & books relating to issues of Gender Equality & even Gender Initiatives you can support or volunteer your time towards.  

Follow The weaving House Facebook Page & you’ll find Gender Equality news from within Aotearoa New Zealand as well as events and information from organisations & individuals who work towards creating a greater Gender Equal world within Aotearoa. 

& follow the particularly busy Twitter feed where you’ll find information on Gender issues from within NZ and around our world each day.

Always looking forward to the future & working with you to achieving Gender Equality and a peaceful world.  

Kia ora!


The Weaving House A Home-Woven initiative dedicated & Weaving for Gender Equality & Human Rights. The art of weaving. The Weaving House. Wānaka Aotearoa – New Zealand

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