Kia ora. 

The Weaving House believes Gender Equality is the precondition to peace, for the eradication of poverty, for sustainable & equitable development and for the protection of our environment. We believe Gender Equality is keystone.

The Weaving House website is on hiatus, although continuing to post from time to time.

Follow our Facebook Page & you’ll find Gender Equality news from within Aotearoa New Zealand as well as events and information from organisations & individuals who work towards creating a greater Gender Equal world within Aotearoa. 

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If you’d like to listen to feminist talks given at our recent 2016 convention follow – Look at ‘Sounds of the Weaving House’

Always looking forward to the future & working with you to achieving Gender Equality and a more peaceful world.  

Kia ora!


The Weaving House is A Home-Woven Charitable Trust dedicated & Weaving for Gender equality & Women’s Empowerment. Ngā mahi a te whare pora. The art of weaving. The Weaving House. Wānaka Aotearoa – New Zealand